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Clinical medicine was selected as the national first-class undergraduate specialty construction



Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the "list of national and provincial first-class undergraduate professional construction sites in 2020". Our undergraduate major in clinical medicine was selected.

Since 2019, the Ministry of education has started to implement the "double 10000 plan",it is planned to build about 10000 national first-class undergraduate professional points and about 10000 provincial first-class undergraduate professional points in three years. Now, 8031 national and 10658 provincial first-class undergraduate specialty construction sites have been identified. Dalian University has 7 national and 6 provincial first-class undergraduate specialty construction .

Zhongshan Clinical College will take the national and provincial first-class professional construction as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the construction of undergraduate majors in clinical medicine, accelerate the high-level talent training system, and further improve the quality and ability of medical talent training.