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The Party Committee of Dalian University announced the leadership adjustment decision for our hospital


    On the afternoon of May 22, 2020, our hospital held a hospital middle-level cadre meeting in the conference room on the 5th floor of the office building. Zhang Zuli, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of Organization of Dalian University, announced the decision of the Party Committee of Dalian University: to appoint Comrade Wang Ruoyu as the dean, Member and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of The Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Dalian University  (Zhongshan Clinical College)  . The meeting was chaired by Zhang Guiqin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital. Wang Jinliang, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Dalian People's Congress and Secretary of the Party Committee of Dalian University, attended the meeting and gave a speech.

    At the meeting, Secretary Wang Jinliang fully affirmed the former dean, Comrade Zhao Dewei's work and achievements over the years, especially during the period of construction and development of the affiliated Zhongshan Hospital. In the face of difficulties and conflicts, Comrade Zhao Dewei stood firmly, reacted calmly, and made great efforts for the construction and development of hospital ,which made the hospital achieve the leap-forward development. Comrade Wang Ruoyu, the new dean, who possess high political quality, strong innovative ability, outstanding business achievements, excellent professional skills, great leadership, broad-minded, pioneering and enterprising consciousness and sense of responsibility. Especially during the outbreak of COVID-19 this year, as the principal of the hospital's epidemic prevention and containment, he had always been in the front line of the command and organized effectively which fully demonstrated his leadership. Afterwards, Secretary Wang Jinliang put forward four specific work requirements for the current work and leadership building of the affiliated Zhongshan Hospital: Focusing on politics, strengthening the awareness of discipline; Focusing on the holistic picture, enhancing role awareness; Focusing on learning, enhancing innovation awareness; Focusing on unity, enhancing democratic awareness.

    At the meeting, the former Dean Professor Zhao Dewei said that he strongly agree with the decision of the University Party Committee and supported Professor Wang Ruoyu as the new dean. Professor Zhao Dewei expressed his deep gratitude to everyone and thanked the university's party,the governing team, hospital team members and all faculty members for their strong support for his administrative work in the past 17 years. He mentioned that the hospital's number of beds, expanding scale and social influence all achieved leap-forward development. He said that he would return to orthopedics in the future as an academic leader who would concentrate on the discipline construction, expert introduction, and clinical transformation work, and continue to make due contributions to the development of the hospital. Comrade Wang Ruoyu, the new dean said, during the crucial times of deepening medical reform and  prevention and control of COVID-19, the school Party Committee trusted him with full faith. 

  “My deepest thanks to the school Party committee for their trust , my gratitude also goes to the former President Professor Zhao Dewei and the team members for their help, and the whole staffs’ support. ” The hospital's achievements today is obliged to Principal Dewei’s ten years’hard work. He said that although the hospital was facing pressures and challenges, he had supportive members including mid-level cadres and a large number of faculty and staff behind him. He had the determination and confidence to lead the hospital to advance steadily and upwards, and not disappoint the trust of the school Party committee and all faculty and staff. He also hopes that all faculty and staff would overcome the difficulties together, work hard together,and actively promote the stable and sustainable development of the hospital.

    Comrade Zhang Guiqin, secretary of the hospital's Party committee, expressed her views on behalf of the new hospital leadership: The new leadership of the hospital is convicted under the leadership of the University Party committee to organize and lead the faculty and staff of the hospital and strive to make new achievements in prevention and control of the epidemic and construction and development of the hospital in the future. At the same time, on behalf of the hospital's party committee, three requirements were put forward to the hospital's cadres at all levels: the new leadership team must strengthen ideological and political construction, and cadres at all levels must have the courage to reform and innovate, focus on the establishment of a modern hospital management system, and fulfill the hospital’s management responsibility. The faculty and staff of the hospital should continue to maintain unity and ideological stability, and contribute to the development of the hospital.