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Welcome home ,our heroes


    On the afternoon of April 13, 2020, our hospital held a grand welcoming ceremony for COVID-19 medical staff in Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Dalian University in the hospital square. Deputy Director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Dalian University Wang Jinliang, President Meng Changgong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Guo Changming, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Organization Minister Zhang Zuli, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Propaganda Minister Zhao Yujuan, and other heads of relevant functional departments of the school. President Professor Dewei Zhao, Secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Guiqin, and all members of the leadership team and representatives of faculty and staff, family members of the medical staff who were fighting COVID-19 and citizens attended the welcoming ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Ruoyu, vice president of our hospital.

    Today, the 33 medical staff who were successively dispatched by our hospital to reinforce the medical team in Wuhan, Hubei and stationed in the Dalian Center for the Centralized Treatment of COVID-19 in Liaoning Province completed the 14-days’rest and quarantine period and went back safely. The bus carrying countless expectations steadily came to a stop in the courtyard, and representatives of faculty and staff and the family members greeted them with a wave of excitement. Familiar faces, heart-warming greetings, hugs with tears, cheers and shouts filled the air. Their reunion after more than 50 days’ separation is as warm as the spring.

    The team members entered the stadium in turn, signed their names on the protection suit, and the welcoming ceremony began with the solemn national anthem. Wang Yingli, Chen Ming, and Zhang Xinli reported to the dean Zhao Dewei respectively on behalf of the medical team. All members of the medical team completed the mission of fighting the epidemic and returned safely.

    All members of the medical team chanted the slogan of "Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished, be willing to contribute,heal the wounded and rescue the dying ". Dewei Zhao expressed his sympathy toward all the medical team members with excitement, "Thank you for the hard work,and welcome home!" Afterwards, everyone watched the promotion video of Braving in Winter and Triumph in Spring, which depicted how the team members fought the epidemic. Zhang Guiqin, secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital, announced a list of individuals who had outstanding performance in prevention and containment of Covid-19 in Dalian. Dalian University Party Secretary Wang Jinliang, President Meng Changgong, Deputy Party Secretary Guo Changming, Dean Zhao Dewei, and Party Secretary Zhang Guiqin presented the "Most Honored heroes in harm’s way " trophy to the commended persons.

     Chen Ming, director of the B3 Ward of Leishenshan Hospital, and Wang Xuehui, head of the nursing team, spoke on behalf of the medical team. On the battlefield against Covid-19, they joined hands with their comrades and patients to deal with life and death situations, and accomplished the difficult task with lofty medical ethics and superb medical skills. They thanked the school and hospital for their care for them and their families, and said that they would adjust minds and bodies as soon as possible, then join the workforce, and make further contributions to the development of the universityand hospital.

    On behalf of the hospital’s leadership team and all faculty and staff, Dewei Zhao, the dean of our hospital, welcomed the medical team members home warmly and expressed gratitude to their relatives who supported them to go to the front line.

    In his speech, he said that the medical team members went in harm’s way and did not hesitate to fight against the disease with exquisite medical skills and scientific nursing,and demonstrated the spirit of work ethics and bravery; The spirit of team work and togetherness.

   The three-level management in support of the hospital and the scientific research personnel of the hospital have all participated in this epidemic prevention and containment battle in different ways. The cadres and employees of the whole hospital will further unify their thoughts and actions to the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, Provincial Council and City Council. Under the leadership of the University Party Committee, hospital faculty continued to prevent and contain the epidemic, push forward the full resumption of work and production, and further improve the development of the hospital.

    Wang Jinliang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dalian University, delivered a warm speech. On behalf of the Party Committee of Dalian University, and all the teachers and students, he expressed hearty welcome and cordial greetings to all medical staff of the medical team, and extended his highest respect and heartfelt gratitude to the families who fully supported the medical team's anti-epidemic work. Secretary Wang Jinliang said that on the front line of the fight against the epidemic, the medical team members of the Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to our school actively responded to the call of the country, moved forward without hesitation and stood up to fight the disease fearlessly,worked around the clock and lived up to the trust. They completed the rescue mission successfully, which fully embodies the spirit of Zhongshan and even the spirit of Dalian University. The care of the school and hospital for the medical team and family members also showed that Dalian University was a cohesive and loving entity. Secretary Wang Jinliang hoped that the medical team members could take a good rest, then make new contributions to protect people's life and health, and make new achievements! Secretary Wang Jinliang asked the whole hospital to resolutely implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s series of important speeches and instructions, and in accordance with the prevention and containment strategy of "guarding against imported cases, and preventing resurgence of the outbreak at home”, coordinate the epidemic prevention and containment and resumption of medical works, continue to advance the outstanding development of Zhongshan Hospital and actively fulfills the social functions of medical services. The spirit of fighting the epidemic will inspire every person in our hospital to tackle challenges and create greater glories!