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Telemedicine Bridges Life
——CCTV reported the telemedicine work of our hospital


On January 30th, 2019, CCTV News Studio reported the telemedicine work of our hospital.

As an affiliated hospital of Dalian local and comprehensive university, our hospital always pays attention to the function of third-level first-class hospitals, insists on serving the grassroots, and bases itself on the city and takes a view of the community. Our hospital takes the telemedicine work as an important content of doing practical work for the basic medical treatment. Especially in the past three years, the mode of "Internet +" and "Medical Union" have further expanded the work of telemedicine. From 2007 to 2018, our hospital has invested 30 million to take the lead in establishing the "Rural Telemedicine Assistance System" in Dalian, covering 43 county, township and village medical and health institutions in the three cities in north Dalian and in Changhai county. At the same time, our hospital has signed a telemedicine cooperation agreement with 43 primary hospitals.

Changhai county is the only archipelagic county in the north. There are more than ten inhabited islands, one county hospital and four township hospitals are located on five large islands, and nine village clinics are located on nine small islands. In Changhai county, village-level patients have to go by boat to see a doctor in the township or county-level hospital. When the weather is bad, the patients can neither go out of the island nor see the disease. Telemedicine consultation solves the urgent problem for island residents.

In the past, many surgeries could not be carried out in Changhai due to the lack of diagnostic support from pathology department. After the construction of remote pathology system, this problem has been effectively solved. In 2018, our hospital has done more than 600 telepathological consultation for Changhai People's Hospital, that is to say, more than 600 patients did the operation without going out of the island.

It is understood that over the past few years, our hospital has equipped the county-level and township hospitals in the three cities in north Dalian and Changhai county with remote pathology, imaging, electrocardiogram, inspection consultation system and integrated audio and video registration system. At the same time, the hospital has provided remote consultation, appointment, professional training, preventive health care, two-way referral, first aid green channel and other services for patients in the region. Over the past 10 years, a total of 737 experts from various departments have been dispatched offline, and the number of outpatient and emergency visits has exceeded 51,200. We have conducted nearly 500 rounds of teaching, discussion of difficult cases, operation demonstration and professional training, trained more than 3000 basic-level doctors and received further education personnel from rural hospitals, carried out various kinds of free clinics with 63,000 visits, carried out 16,200 remote imaging consultation, telepathology, electrocardiogram consultation, and so on, and nearly 1600 test transmissions, carried out more than 4,900 online remote comprehensive consultation, international and provincial difficult cases.

From 2012 to 2017, our hospital made full use of the tele-operation vehicle and made 21 trips to Zhuanghe grass-roots hospital to complete nearly 60 operations such as great saphenous vein, hernia and orthopedic.

It not only relieves the patient's pain, but also greatly saves the cost of surgery and family care, which is highly praised by the people.

It is reported that in 2017, the Zhongshan Medical Union project was officially launched, with the use of "Network Inquiry Machine" and  "Mobile Phone APP Appointment Registration, Consultation and Two-way Referral System"  in urban communities and rural areas of the three northern cities, covering more than 20,000 people. In the first half of 2018, "Zhongshan Hospital Medical Group" was formally established. Remote electrocardiogram and portable color doppler ultrasound were put into three public communities in the medical group, and the "remote electrocardiogram and imaging consultation platform" was established in the community, realizing the interconnection of diagnosis and treatment information such as appointment registration, inquiry and two-way referral.