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The Hospital Party Committee insists on applying the Decision-making deployment of The Party Central. Under the leadership of the party committee of Dalian University, surrounding medical work, the Hospital has always been setting the purposes and basis on the provision of medical service. As the leadership core and political core, the hospital party committee has provided assurance to the performance of the tasks within various aspects of the entire hospital. Especially since the “18th Conference of the National Congress”, the party committee has strengthened the construction and governance of Communist Party in the hospital comprehensively. Furthermore, under the guidance of the spirits of “19th Conference of the National Congress”, the Hospital Party Committee fully comprehended the general requirements of party construction in the new era. Based on the purposes of inspiring thoughts and culture development, the Party Committee has been constantly strengthening the construction work of Communist Party and promoting the party members’ functions as pioneers and positive models. These pursuits and achievements in turn initiated a new appearance of the construction work of the Communist Party in the new era.

The Vision of the Hospital:

To be a humane, innovative and technology-based hospital which can be relied on and fully trusted by the people in Dalian.The Spirit of the Hospital:Respect for Morality, Orientation to Humanity, Expertise at Medication and Continuous Refinement.Medical Practice Policy:Quality Overtakes QuantityManagement Policy:To Take People As The Priority, To Interact With Manners,To Guide With Virtue,To Regulate With Policies.Service Policy:Sincerity, Honesty, Respectfulness, Love.