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Brand Programs

As a clinical college of university, our hospital always taking teaching as one of the central tasks, adhering to the schooling philosophy of “advocate medical ethics, master medical knowledge,learn medical science to cultivate people, and practice medicine for the people”, our hospital is always committed to cultivate high-quality practical medical talents. The hospital takes educational reform as motivation, pays attention to the construction of teaching staff, constantly improves the teaching quality, and implements the "One to One" tutorial system to gradually realize the goal of "Elite Education".

1.With more than one hundred doctoral tutors and postgraduate tutors, the hospital is undertaking the doctor-postgraduates and postgraduates teaching tasks of five levels and 16 majors in several institutions, including Dalian University, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Medical University and Zunyi Medical College, and has passed the “Clinical Medicine Science Accreditation” organized by Ministry of Education in 2015.

2.With a teaching area of nearly 20000 square meters, our hospital equipped with 24 teaching and research sections, one high leveled clinical skill training center, one student dormitory building, and 21 national professional training bases for resident doctors, the hospital is the general practitioner training base for Grade Ⅲ Class A hospitals in Dalian.

3.In recent years, the hospital has undertaken nearly 100 provincial and university-level teaching reform research projects, more than 20 teaching achievement prizes; has edit more than 30 teaching materials, has published nearly 300 teaching papers, 5 provincial and school-level excellent courses, and has hosted nearly 100 further education projects each year. Our students have participated in the five national college students’ clinical skills competition and won the prize consecutively; Students were selected in 10 national and provincial leveled “Students Innovation Projects”.